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The meaning behind the logo

On March 16, 2017, a naming ceremony was held at the Turtle Lodge in Sagkeeng. The Youth

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Committee, Elders and the eHealth Unit were a part

of the ceremony and sat in unison to receive the name.

Mizhakwun is the name that was given to Manitoba’s Network of the Future. Mizhakwun means “the

sky is clear”. The eagle opened up the sky and has cleared the path for the future generations to

connect with each other. The Youth ICT Committee had already brainstormed over many sessions to

come up with a name for the new Initiative and company that was being formed. They chose Four

Connections thus this was amalgamated with the name received in ceremony to become “CLEAR SKY


Direction was also given to the team that the 4 feathers and the 4 colours of Nanaandawewigamig, the

“Healing Place” also known by the English corporate name of “First Nations Health and Social Secretariat

of Manitoba” be incorporated into the logo. The eHealth Long Term Strategy was built by the

Nanaandawewigamig eHealth Unit, formerly of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. The link back to

where the initiative was born should always be acknowledged.

The four colors represent the 4 races, the 4 directions, and the ribbons represent the connection of the

fibre from community to community. The feathers not only represent Nanaandawewigamig but also

represent the supporters of the Initiative, the Network of the Future, and the Initiative’s ultimate goal of

helping the four directions of communities. The circles in the feathers are the people in each

community. The circles in the big circle represent the First Nations leaders, the Tribal Councils and the

Independent First Nations. The eagle is the main leader flying towards the horizon - the Network of the


Logo Credits

Digitized Logo


Digitizing of Logo Credit:  Tony Cote

Youth ICT Committee of 2016-2017


Credit regarding the descriptive 

and development work of the name 

"Clear Sky Connections": 

Youth ICT Committee of 2016-2017 (see photo), 

Elder Dave Courchene, 

Elder Harry Bone; and

Nanaandawewigamig's eHealth Unit 

Original Painting of Logo


Original painting of CSC Logo Credit:

artist Gayle Sinclair, Norway House Cree Nation